Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Relationship between Juvenile Delinquency and Drug Use

Why did I choose Juvenile Delinquency?

For my final project, I have chosen the topic of Juvenile Delinquency, in relation to drug use. I chose this topic because I am interested to understand whether drug use causes juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquency causes drug use, or if there is some other unknown factor that primarily causes juvenile delinquency. Another reason I am interested in this topic is because typically when we here of a delinquent they tend to also be involved in drug use of some kind. Normally you don’t hear of extremely functional and successful people (such as business men) involved in such criminal activity or drug use. With this being said, I also want to explore the causes of juvenile delinquency and what we can do to try to withstand our youth from these pressures of drug use and criminal activity.

 What do I think about the Relation between Drug Use and Juvenile Delinquency?

Personally, I believe that there is defiantly a correspondence between drug use and criminal activity in minors.  More specifically, I believe that drug use leads to juvenile delinquency. My reasoning for this is because when an individual starts experimenting with drugs, it can become very costly. When they spend a good amount of money, and they are addicted to drugs, drugs still are their first priority to an addict. With this being said, bills, food, health, etc. all falls behind, and drugs are the main concern. When they get to the point where they need to pay for other things, they loose out of money that could potentially go to drugs. Therefore, they turn to criminal activity such as stealing, to get possessions or money that they need to get their drugs. I think the best way to prevent drug use and criminal activity in minors is a stable family life and a healthy environment to grow up in. This always children to know that they have their family to depend on, and do not need to turn to drugs or crime. 

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